International Coliseums Company (ICC)  is the Leader in Event Center development. Since 2003, ICC has developed 10 Event Centers; no other entity has done more than 1 in that time frame. ICC brings an unparalleled level of expertise and a proven integrated, sole source approach for Events Center development, design, construction and start-up.

International Coliseums Company identifies markets that fit our strategic model and partners with Public entities for successful project completion including feasibility, due diligence, community outreach, funding  strategies, operational pro-forma, economic impact, facility    design and amenities, deal terms, site  location and land acquisition and adjacent development. As Project Manager (Owners Representative), ICC oversees design and construction of the facility, manages value engineering, the selection and procurement of FF&E items, ensuring the Events Center is delivered on time and on budget.

ICC manages the construction of multipurpose events centers in mid-market communities and provides services in targeted mid-sized communities across the United States related to the development of multipurpose events centers.  ICC's development of multipurpose events centers promotes the development of Hockey Teams by assisting potential licensees in securing quality venues in which to play minor professional hockey league games.



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