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International Coliseums Company (ICC) is headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. The International Coliseums Company develops first class multi-purpose event centers for mid-sized cities. ICC has a very specialized understanding of this project type and an outstanding history of developing and delivering projects within very tight schedules and budgets.

ICC manages the development of premier multi-purpose event centers by leading the design and construction process while maintaining sound cost controls. ICC prides itself in developing and creating facilities that meet the vision of municipalities and consistently exceed expectations. We also understand that it is paramount for an event center to meet the needs of the community and a variety of users and stakeholders. Shared use is very important to the economic and civic success of this type of facility.

ICC has excellent working alliances between nationally recognized design professionals and local architects, contractors and sub-contractors to form a solid development team with an abundance of local pride and enthusiasm. ICC works with major sports & arena designers and construction firms that are internationally recognized for successfully completing technically advanced and efficient arenas. In addition, ICC brings established knowledge and experience with specialty vendors to each community ensuring competitive pricing and superior service.


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