International Coliseums Company (ICC) works closely with a municipality that is interested in developing a multi-purpose community events center for its citizens.  ICC provides expertise on the optimal size, location, amenities, programming, anchor tenants, cost, construction calendar, pre-opening activities, associated retail development, financial projections, funding mechanisms, etc. to its city clients easing the sometimes intimidating education process associated with the development of a building.

International Coliseums Company (ICC), the construction project management group, this process has been streamlined to assist the local decision makers with the most current and appropriate information required to make the best decisions possible and avoiding costly design and construction errors. In combination with its affiliated companies, GPI provides expert information on all aspects of the event center design and operation.  There is no other company in the marketplace that has as many years of experience and the number of successfully completed projects than ICC has and that can provide this integrated and customized single-source approach for the development and management of the multi-purpose event center.

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